How YouTube has officially entered the race over TV’s Future

We have all been there multiple times looking down on our phone seeing that it is 1 a.m. and telling ourselves “Okay, let’s just watch one more video and then go to sleep.”  YouTube has taken over the way we watch videos online. There are millions of videos ranging from Khan Academy math tutorials to History Channel clips about Supreme Court cases, to Roman Atwood’s daily family vlogs, and to videos about how humans react to boredom. Connecting through YouTube is not just a superficial glimpse into the world and lives of others. It provides an almost unlimited resource of information to satisfy our thirst for knowledge that can be accessed by everyone.Screen-Shot-2017-05-09-at-11.33.46-AM

YouTube started in 2005 created by 3 former PayPal employees. Only a few months after its launch YouTube became the fastest growing site on the world wide web and almost 2 years later YouTube was bought by Google for an astonishing 1.65 billion dollars. For the past 12 years, YouTube has taken over the way the everyday individuals watch videos online. When YouTube was bought by Google it started its partnership with Google AdSense which is a program in which an advertiser pays a publisher and the publisher can generate revenue on a “per-click” basis. Today you can get an average of $10,000 per 100,000 views. Having this allowed for YouTube to become a full-time job that many families and individuals have taken on. Although YouTube has not completely taken over the workforce it has completely changed we watch videos. YouTube gets over 3 billion views daily and in today’s generation of young adults, we watch internet videos almost three times more than TV. YouTube has taken many steps in the direction of trying to take over cable and subscription-based companies like Hulu and Netflix. They started off in 2015 by introducing YouTube Red which is a monthly subscription service that removes all ads from your YouTube videos. It also includes offline screening and being able to watch videos when your iPhone screen is off. This can be beneficial for individuals that travel a lot and don’t have internet or individuals who want to listen to an audiobook but want to turn off their screens. It also includes original YouTube Red shows featuring some of the top YouTubers like MyLifeAsEva, Gigi Gorgeous, Joey Garceffa, and PewDiePie all creators whose channels have over 2 million subscribers.

To add to that YouTube has recently launched a cable subscription called YouTube TV. YouTube TV is a monthly subscription that includes cable channels like ABC, FOX, ESPN, Disney and many more. It is just like YouTube Red but now cable channels are included. It allows for 6 accounts to be connected to it instead of having to pay cable per individual TV. Another unique feature that is included on YouTube TV is the Cloud DVR which allows you to record as many shows as you want because of the unlimited storage and it allows you to have them available offline and your shows can be streamed anywhere for up to 9 months instead of only 28 days, which is what is available on Netflix. Also, YouTube has announced that they will have original shows and movies featuring celebrities like Katy Perry, Ellen DeGeneres, and Kevin Hart. Which will only be available to YouTube TV customers. This is not the end of YouTube they have many ideas to make the platform of YouTube more appealing than TV, Netflix, or Hulu altogether.


We used to watch television and go to the movies but in today’s world, we spend hours on YouTube, Watching video after video YouTube has shows, movies, web series and more. We can watch it all from the comfort of our own home for free. YouTube has changed the face of entertainment. Although YouTube is not cable TV and never will be it is something way greater than that. It is a platform where anyone can come and express themselves for the world to see. Through You Tubes multiple launches of subscription programs it has officially started competing with cable TV and subscription-based sites like Hulu and Netflix to completely change the face of entertainment.