Drones: The Future of Everything

10 years ago, if you were to ask someone what a drone is used for, the answer would probably be something about military technology. Before this decade, that was the image of drones: a futuristic, non-commercial item used only by official, most likely military, organizations. However, in the recent years that image has dramatically shifted. Now, you see drones everywhere from a family household to a racetrack.

Endless Uses

What makes drones so special is the endless possibilities of use. In today’s world you can get a drone as a toy for your kid, you can get a drone to use as a photographer, you can get a drone to help build a skyscraper. Each day, it seems people find a new way to innovate the market of drones to reach a new type of user. While there is the toy-drone craze going on right now, there are also many more significant uses that people have found with drones. Let’s look at some of the most innovative ways people are implementing drone technology in the world.


One of the most significant, and commonly seen uses of drones is in photography. Photographers have used the aircrafts as a way to capture what used to be impossible shots. What once would have been a picture that could only be taken by someone with a helicopter and a healthy budget can now be done by the average joe with a drone. This opens the door for new opportunities in film making as well as ever day photography. Whether you want to shoot the intense battle scene in the new Lord of the Rings, inspect the damage from wildfires in Yosemite, or show off New York City to your friends from a new angle, drones have given you the ability to do so.

Industrial Drone Innovation

Innovation in the drone market has created the ability to help build architecture, inspect planes, and survey for fires. For example, a company called Airbus uses drones to inspect their planes. “Their drone captures high definition images of aircraft, then those images are quickly analyzed by computers to help find imperfections.” A process that would have taken time and manpower now is cut down to just the use of a drone and a computer. It is said that “it usually takes two hours for two men hoisted in a cherry picker to quality inspect a new Airbus aircraft. With a camera-equipped UAV, his team can produce better data from the 150 high-definition pictures captured in about 10 minutes.”

For firefighters, drones can mean the difference between life and death. Autel Robotics is developing the use of thermal technology on drones to help firefighters find and extinguish fires, while also saving victims. This saves crucial time for the firefighters, as even a few seconds can be the difference between a save and a casualty.

Drones can even be used to help construction projects. Intel has systems where they are able to “[fly] over and beside constructions to create highly accurate 3D modeling in order to be able to detect damages and cracks just from the data.  This is a very cost efficient way and you can do it with bridges and any kind of constructions.” On top of this, the same systems can be used to live monitor oil inspections. An ability that is said to be 90% safer, and maximizes profits by allowing the owner to constantly inspect from the comfort of his desk without shutting down production.

What this means for the future

While these are only a couple of the ways drones are used, that doesn’t mean it is all of them. Drones are making the impossible, possible. It is already obvious the impact drones have made on the world, and it seems that the innovation in the market is only increasing. There are human holding drones being made with talk of using them for transportation and even food delivery. Something like this means your Uber might not need to wait in traffic, or the meal you Favored might arrive at your door like it’s fresh out of the oven. What’s special about drones, is the end is unknown. It is so new to our society, an evolution is made so frequently, that the ceiling could be endless. What is known, however, is the impact they will make in the world. Whether you are a parent or the CEO of Google, a drone can make an impact on you, and make your life easier.




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