How Yeti Coolers Changed the Game.

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Frustration is often the birthplace of innovation and phenomenal success. Take the story of Ryan and Roy Seiders, two avid outdoorsmen who got frustrated with the quality of coolers available for their frequent hunting and fishing expeditions. The coolers they used limited their good times. Handles and hinges would break over time, and they were constantly worried the lid would cave in when sight casting for redfish in the flats. These frustrations led them to design the Yeti cooler.

our-story-seiders-1280x720.jpgThe brothers focused mostly on necessity and firsthand experience when designing the cooler. They wanted to make a cooler that would last a lifetime that will not break after constant abuse. They believe that cooler should not break if you stand on top of it, if it falls out the back of your truck or if I bear attempts to take the food inside. However, durability was not the only thing they wanted out of their coolers, they wanted it to keep ice colder for a longer period of time. Before Yeti Coolers hit the markets, the top of the line coolers could only hold ice for one day at the most before it would melt, limiting the amount of time you can be on the water or whatever else you are using it for. Thanks to the 2 inch thick walls filled with Permafrost insulation, a Yeti can keep ice anywhere from 3 days to 14 days.  These coolers allow you to go on longer trips without having to come in for more ice.
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Ryan and Roy never planned on changing the industry of coolers, but they did. Ever since Yeti released their first cooler, competitors have been trying desperately to catch up. Thanks to Yeti’s new innovation center they will always be on top. The innovation center is a top-secret building, where they test the durability of each of their products and formulate new prototypes. On average, they come up with 10 to 15 new prototypes each day, but sometimes over 100 in a single day. They have machines that zip and unzip the hoppers to verify the zipper is Yeti approved. Meanwhile, another machine is dropping a 250-pound weight into the new Yeti bucket to ensure it can withstand the pressure. At the innovation center, there are 10 fulltime employees and another 45 engineers and designers that are part-time. These people are in charge of not only making sure each product has what it takes to be considered a Yeti (Wildly stronger! Keeps ice longer!), but also come up with new ideas for future products and improve the existing ones.




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